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HAPLEX®Plus Sodium Hyaluronate

Product name: HAPLEX®Plus Sodium Hyaluronate

CAS: 9067-32-7

Assay: ≥95.0%

Benefit: Beauty From Within; Joint Health; Eye Health

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    Clinically-Proven Beauty from within and Joint care Sodium Hyaluronate

    Sodium Hyaluronate (Hyaluronic Acid, HA, Hyaluronan) is a mucopolysaccharide composed by repeating disaccharide units of D-glucuronic acid and -acetyl-D-glucosamine. It is a substance found in all vertebrates, mainly in connective tissue such as cartilage, bone, skin etc.

    1 Absorption


    The decrease of HA in the body with age

    Aging slows down the metabolism of cells, and HA synthesis in our body is decreased. As a result, there is no enough water in the collagenous fiber and elastic fiber of the skin, thus wrinkles appear.

    Because of the loss of HA within the synovial fluid of joints, it can lead to osteoarthritis.


    Oral absorption of HA

    The synthesis and degradation of HA in the body is a dynamic balanced process. It is proved by numerous studies that oral intake of HA can increase the precursors of HA and promote the synthesis of HA. So oral administration of HA can increase endogenetic HA to achieve health and beauty from within.


    2 Functions

    Beauty from within


    The study was run by A&G laboratories in Spain with 29 volunteers who consented to participate in the study. Oral HAPLEX®Plus has proved to be effective, with statistically significant results on the parameters of skin firmness and elasticity. Oral administration of HAPLEX®Plus can nourish skin from within and make it more elastic.


    Joint Care

    Improvement of degenerative osteoarthritis

    In the Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Osteoarthritis Index (WOMAC), score 0 represents lightest symptom, whereas score 4 represents the severest symptom for each variable. Score for each category decreased significantly after the 180 days study. Oral administration of

    HAPLEX®Plus and chondroitin sulfate decreased the symptoms of the osteoarthritis. The effect of chondroitin sulfate in a dose which is below the therapeutic dose is most probably insignificant and therefore we can conclude that the effectiveness in this study is mainly from HAPLEX®Plus.


    Improvement of joint health for people who practice intense physical activity

    In this study, it was observed that the pain suffered by the volunteers is relieved and the functionality of their articular cartilage is significantly improved. Oral administration of HAPLEX®Plus can promote joint health.


    Improvement of osteoporosis for postmenopausal women

    In this study, it was observed that the osteoporosis care of postmenopausal women is improved. Oral administration of HAPLEX®Plus has proved to be effective, with statistically significant results on the bone mass and generalized pain.

    3 Applications


    Application & Dosage forms Functional Claims
    Common food: beverage, jelly, dairy products, etc.

    Health food: usually in combination with Collagen,

    Vitamins, Chondroitin Sulfate, or Glucosamine to make

    tablets, capsules or oral liquid these popular forms

    Joint Care



    Digestive & Eye Health